Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

I kicked an unsuspecting girl in the head at the gym this morning.

So I’m at the gym every morning very early… like 5am early.  And I always see the same freak show there.  There’s the old micro-lesbian who is looking for a new best friend, there’s the crazy hot straight guy who wants to make sure everyone knows he’s straight, there’s the all-too-eager power couple and the OCD older guy who spends his mornings huffing and puffing and re-racking everybody’s weights.  He must have strong shoulders to take on such a heavy burden (PUN WARNING).  Today was chest & shoulders day for me which involves a lot of push-ups and free weights.  One set includes doing 15 push-ups on an elevated bar, then dropping it down a few inches and doing 15 more, then dropping down again and doing 15, then 15 on the floor. As I move to the floor position, I back up a little so that I don’t slam my head off the bar or anything.  I move my feet back abruptly and shove my foot right onto the top of this girl’s unsuspecting head as she is in the resting position of a sit-up.  “Fuck!”

….Oops.  Sorry.

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