I’m writing from a hotel in Philadelphia where tonight I’m performing to a sold out crowd with The Moth Mainstage.  On the ride in from the airport yesterday, I passed down the street that I’d go down every day on my commute to work when I lived here.  Such a surreal feeling.

17992240_1273327732736005_8458202226531877636_nMassive thanks to everyone who came to the one man show in LA last week – what a gorgeous feeling to have so many faces there.  I can’t believe what a great night.  It sounds silly, but I really needed that night.  Chasing your dreams at night usually means living your nightmares during the day.  So to have that validation in such great numbers was a beautiful feeling.  Endless gratitude!

2 Gays, No Girls, At A Pizza Place is back up and running.   We’ve got new episodes every other Monday.  The most recent episode has the hilarious Janine Brito who I am now convinced is my comedy soulmate.  Upcoming live shows that I know about:
4/28 Philadelphia – Keswick Theater (The Moth Mainstage)

5/13 Los Angeles – Upright Citizens Brigade on Franklin (Musical Improv Showcase)

5/20 Vancouver – Vogue Theater (The Moth Mainstage)

5/28 Los Angeles – The Three Clubs Hollywood (The Q)

Hope to see you guys soon.

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