It’s Been A Minute.

Hey, how are you?!  I haven’t seen you in ages.  You look great!  Have you lost weight?  Wait, is it your hair?  Something’s different about your hair.  Whatever it is, keep doing it!

blog3HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s been a doozy, hasn’t it?  2016 killed all of our heroes but 2017 named the remaining ones as sex offenders, so here we are awaiting the fresh hell of 2018.  But maybe it’ll be better?  I hope that the new year finds you in good health and happiness.

2017 was blog2busier than ever for me.  Still touring around the US and Canada with The Moth Mainstage, going everywhere from Vancouver to St Louis to New York to LA.  So thankful to be a part of such a great show with such amazing people.  I’m still taking classes at UCB (though it’s been a while) and did a lot of improv with my team Chevy Chaise Lounge around Los Angeles, including the LA Indie Improv Festival.  Been telling tons of new stories around town as well!  Did some fun shows like Hatedate with Linda Bailey Walsh (and my interview was featured on her podcast of the same name – check it out!), Tales From Tinseltown, and even cohosted Oh Hey Guys with John Flynn at UCB.  blog5I’ve done the Risk! live show a few times this year, which is always a blast.  It’s really the show that first got me noticing that storytelling was a thing.  I’ve met and shared the stage this year with some incredibly talented people, and it humbles me.

I’m writing two Spank shows at UCB, which are their sketch/storytelling 30 minute showcases.  One is autobiographical (a reworked, shortened version of my solo show from Fringe) and the other is about a fictional country singer who died 50 years ago but wrote every song you’ve ever loved.  Will keep you updated on that.

I’ve started a ridiculous “anonymous” blog about my day job.  Because as a storyteller, when something bad happens to you, your brain tends to say “onc


e I get over this trauma, this is going to be a great story.”  The blog is about something that people always, always ask me about, every single day:  YOU DRIVE FOR UBER??!!  YOU MUST HAVE SOME STORIES!!!!

The site is called Rideshare Storytime and I’m excited to roll out some stories for you!   You can check out this fun new project at

Guys.  I haven’t even brushed my teeth yet today, so can you give me a break and let me get my day started already?  Much love to you all.  Thanks for paying attention.

All my love.  xo




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12301530_10153829190574031_3348584755073550490_nI haven’t been ignoring you.  I’ve been quite busy since we last spoke.  Storytelling show The Moth has been kind enough to fly me to California to do another Moth MainStage show to another sold out crowd of beautiful, sweet people with open ears, open minds, and open hearts.  THANK YOU to everyone who was at the show in Santa Barbara.

My podcast has continued to book some of the most wonderful talents in comedy and music.  Since December, I’ve had Ed Begley Jr, Jill Jones, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$’ Tim Baltz, 30 Rock‘s Kevin Brown, Andre Hyland and so many more.  Pinching myself till it bleeds lately.

I’ve also been working on writing my one man show, How The Queen Found His Crown.  This has been a ton of work but such a labor of love.  I tell the story of my life so far, using the defense mechanism I use in life:  dealing with pain through humor.  I sing and dance my way through my parents’ divorce, coming out of the closet and quitting my job to follow the Spice Girls around on tour.  My walkabout helps me repair my bruised ego and find out what truly matters in life.

How The Queen Found His Crown will debut this Friday, April 15 at Pittsburgh’s Fringe Festival for one night only  two nights only!  The show sold out so quickly that they added another date to it, this Saturday, April 16.  Tickets are below!

Say you’ll be there…

Live @ RISK! in NYC 6/25!


Attention NYC area fans and friends!

Thursday 6/25 I am THRILLED to be doing my second RISK! live show, only this time in New York City at the Peoples Improv Theater!  RISK! is a live show and iTunes podcast hosted by comedy/storytelling god Kevin Allison of MTV’s “The State.”  The live shows and podcast run the gamut of stories that will make you pee yourself laughing, rip your heart out, get you hot and bothered, or gross you out.  Hopefully mine will do mostly the first and a little of the second.  Tickets are on sale below!  Get them now!