Naivete, a gun, and the Spice Girls. My story is on this week’s episode of the RISK! podcast!


Click here to listen to MY STORY on this week’s episode of Risk!, hosted and curated by the brilliant Kevin Allison.  It is such a dream of mine to be on this show and to have worked with Kevin professionally.  This guy has been a comedy hero of mine since my teenage years.  His most notable tv work was the sketch comedy show “The State” on MTV in the mid-90s.  This show is the absolute cornerstone of my sense of humor.  Kevin started Risk several years ago and when I discovered it, I was enthralled.  His uncanny ability to find such gifted storytellers and workshop their stories to be performed live or in-studio as such incredible pieces is truly an art.  They run the gamut – from inspiring to raunchy to hilarious to sad… This show truly has something for everyone, as long as you don’t mind a little coarse language 😉

I’m the first storyteller, with a story called “Spice Justice,”  in which I am mugged at gunpoint and justice isn’t served through normal channels… So the Spice Girls serve justice in a tacit, implicit way ;).  I hope you enjoy listening.  If you’re interested and are new to his show, click through older episodes and check out a “Best Of” episode to give yourself a good idea of what it’s like.  It is THE best podcast on the air today.  Subscribe in itunes here.

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“British for a Night” live at the Moth Storyslam (snippet)

This is a clip of me from last night’s The Moth Storyslam show in Pittsburgh, PA.  To give you some context, I was invited to a very fancy wine tasting gala with the Pittsburgh Penguins and was nervous about coming across as a hillbilly.  So I decided to become British for the night, at the very last minute.  And it worked!  Until I was accosted by a white trash millionaire who was trying to get me to have a threesome with her husband. Full video will hopefully surface in a few weeks. 🙂

How to deal with racism and belittle your parents doing so.

When I was younger and people in my town would casually talk to me in a racist fashion, I would tell them my dad was half black and then I’d speak about his accomplishments in civil rights and what an inspiration he was.  They’d feel stupid and then I’d be like, “Just kidding, he’s a white alcoholic deadbeat who lost his job as a crooked mechanic.”

I also used to tell people I worked with in college that my mom was one of Bob Marley’s backup singers.

“Yeah, you know the part where he goes ‘We’re jommin!’ and they’re like ‘JOMMIN, JOMMIN, JOMMIN!’
“…That was mom.  I listen to it and it makes me wish I knew her.”
“That’s so sweet.  Wow!”
“Just kidding, my mom is a white barhound.”

Performing at Risk! with Kevin Allison 10/17

Hi kids!  If you’ve ever wondered why I’m funny, it’s because a small handful of tv shows growing up helped mold me as a person whereas my parents could not.  Seinfeld and MTV’s The State come to mind as two cornerstones of my sense of humor.  The State alum Kevin Allison just celebrated the 6 year birthday of his true storytelling podcast Risk!  I’ve been listening for a few years and it’s a unique treat.  The stories run the gamut – hilarious, fucked up, sexual, inspirational, but always incredible.  I’ll be performing at their show here on tour in Pittsburgh, PA at the Maker Theater in Shadyside, 10/17 at 8pm.  Located at 5950 Ellsworth Avenue.  Tickets available below… Tell ’em Dave sent ya.