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2 Gays, No Girls, At A Pizza Place

2 Gays is an improv/interview podcast where I sit down with other gays and have some fun with some of my favorite people in entertainment.  Previous guests include Thomas Lennon, Ed Begley Jr, Kevin Allison, Mike Hanford, Drew Droege, and so so many more wonderful people.  All episodes linked below!



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#44: LA Women (with Zach Noe Towers)

September 11, 2016

Looks like we made it! Look how far we’ve come, my baby. The show is now permanently in Los Angeles and we kick if off with hilarious standup comedian Zach Noe Towers (Elite Daily Show, Killer Friends). He attempts to show David the ropes of gay LA while answering his Tough Calls. Is it worth it to be royalty if you shit out of your mouth? Amazing food or amazing sex? Find out the answers to these and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!



DON’T FORGET! NEW YORK FANS! David will be telling a story at The Moth MainStage in New York City this Wednesday, 9/14. Tickets at themoth.org! Stop by and say hello 🙂


#43: LIVE FROM PITTSBURGH! (with Nik Nemec, Jerome Fitzgerald, Missy Moreno)

August 1, 2016

IT’S HERE! Here’s the audio from our first ever LIVE RECORDING in front of the amazing audience at Arcade Comedy Theater!  Featuring Jerome Fitzgerald, Missy Moreno, Nik Nemec and David Montgomery!

Sunshine Peterson stops by looking for love, and doesn’t find it in Lisa Mizzelli, the Broadway Legend that never was. He tries his hand at the Material Girl herself (who delivers some less-than-stellar standup comedy) before possibly meeting his match in Cher! Could this be the first ever #2gaysnogirls wedding? Tune in to find out!



#42: Home Made Homies and Homos (with Kevin Allison, Jerome Fitzgerald)

July 17, 2016

Kevin Allison (Risk!, MTV’s The State) to tell us about his coming out and how he knew even at one year old that boys’ butts are amazing. Jerome Fitzgerald stops by to put the P-U in puns and the F-U in funny, and then makes us a pizza! All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls

Don’t forget – we are doing a LIVE SHOW! July 29, Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh. Tickets below!



#41: Come Out, Come Out! Wherever You Are (with Tara Clancy, Jason Shavers)

June 19, 2016

David welcomes Tara Clancy (The Moth, Risk!, Snap Judgment) to the show to tell us her coming out story (which may involve a gas mask, a middle aged lesbian, and a near-death 14 year old Tara briefly operating a sex shop), and to talk about her new book “The Clancys of Queens”!  Special guest co-host Jason Shavers grabs a few slices with us and shares his adorably hilarious coming-out tale as well. All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!



#40: Pride & Prejudice (with Keith Powell, Connor McCanlus)

May 30, 2016

The wonderful Keith Powell (30 Rock, Keith Broke His Leg) stops by to talk about his new show! Guest co-host Connor McCanlus (Baby Grand) comes to talk shop about Arcade Comedy Theater. Plus we are privy to a few voicemails from the Material Girl herself, who doesn’t seem to be pleased with us… Brand new sketches, and a visit from Ernie Sanders! Not Bernie, ERNIE.  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls

#39: The Sound of Sounding (with Doug Plaut, Grant Wentzel)

May 16, 2016

Doug Plaut (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) stops by to talk about who he’d like to be trapped in a bunker with for 15 years, and David welcomes Grant Wentzel back to the guest co-host chair for another round!  The two talk about how terrifying the act of “sounding” is, and how Grant’s manly Cuban roots don’t equal a huge manhood. All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #38:  Purple Pain (with Dame Wilburn, Lauren Shapiro)

May 2, 2016

Pop music, nor the planet Earth, will ever be the same. The beautiful ones, they hurt you every time… We feel all the Purple Pain this week as we talk to Dame Wilburn of the Moth and musician Lauren Shapiro about His Royal Badness’ undeniable influence on the cultural landscape. All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #37:  Marry, Fuck, and Kill the Undead (with Val Emmich)

April 18, 2016

Val Emmich (HBO’s Vinyl, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty) stops by to talk about his role on Vinyl, his upcoming novel, and the nastygram he’s going to write to Amazon for poor customer service. David invites Nik Nemec over and they can barely keep their eyes open but as usual, anything can happen.

Catch David hosting The Moth Storyslam at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh this Tuesday, April 19! Tickets at themoth.org.


Episode #36: The State of the Union (with Corey Stulce, and Connor McCanlus)

April 4, 2016

Corey Stulce (“The Union of the State”) stops by to talk about his new book documenting the life and times of legendary sketch comedy troupe The State. Plus Connor McCanlus (“First Date”) joins David to talk about his show, Arby’s, and being mistaken for a waiter. Then Carol Channing breaks in to do a little canvassing for Ted Cruz, despite the local cutoff for registration having already passed. All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls

See David Montgomery in Santa Barbara on April 6 performing at the Moth MainStage!

Check out David Montgomery’s one man show debuting at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival on April 15:

Preorder Corey Stulce’s new book “The Union of The State” in physical or digital formats here: www.coreystulce.com!

Episode #35: Bomb Dot Com (with Kevin Brown AKA Dot Com)

March 21, 2016

Kevin Brown (30 Rock, One Joke Wonder) stops by to make David pine further about working with Tina Fey. Kevin talks about his new gig, One Joke Wonder, and answers his own #ToughCalls. David invites Lauren Shapiro as his co-gay for the episode as they try (successfully?) to write some songs about living your dreams and pizza and fag hags. All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls



Episode #34:  1st Anniversary Episode (with Jill Jones)

March 10, 2016

Happy birthday to us!  It’s been one year since we turned on the microphones and started inhaling pizza and singer Jill Jones (Purple Rain, Griffiti Bridge) stops by to help us celebrate, and talk about her incredible new album “I Am”!   David plays Betrothe, Bed, or Behead with her, then he and Nik are privy to some wonderful #CherTweets when the Dark Lady calls in.  All that and more on this week’s very special #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #33: Hyland on Highland (with Andre Hyland)

Feb 28, 2016

Director Andre Hyland (The 4thFunnel) stops by to talk about his new movie that just debuted at Sundance, and to tell David about all the times he got hit by a car.  He showcases an impressive knowledge of the Spice Girls for a straight man, so we are naturally head over heels in love with him.  Also Roberta Hypnol stops by to tear us a new one after the awful effects of her last appearance on the show.  All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!



Episode #32: My Straight Valentine’s Date (with Tim Baltz) 

Feb 14, 2016

Tim Baltz (Drunk History, Veep, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) sits down to talk about his upcoming Second City touring days, how some people hate nice people, and why he doesn’t want to see someone who’s cool doing comedy.  NERDS ONLY!  Plus we hear Aunt Keesha’s set recorded live at the 1843 Def Comedy Jam!  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls.


Episode #31:  The Trouble With Boys (with Mike Hanford & Jefferson Dutton of The Birthday Boys, and Grant Wentzel)

January 31, 2016

What a show!  Grant Wentzel is our guest co-host this week and we drop a truth bomb:  THE GRINDR OUTAGE WAS AN INSIDE JOB!  Plus I play some games with Mike Hanford and Jeff Dutton of The Birthday Boys!  All this set to the tune of a meat lover’s pizza from Pastoli’s in Pittsburgh, PA.  All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #30: Prime Time Grime Time (with Kate Carroll de Gutes, plus Jarred Endres & Steve Morel of Grimy Ghost!!!)

January 18, 2016

David talks with Kate Carroll de Gutes about her book “Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear” and shares some poop stories before they play a few rounds of What Am I, An Idiot? Then Jarred Endres & Steve Morel of viral video team and all-out hilarious weirdos THE GRIMY GHOST stop by to talk about how they do what they do. They also reveal whether or not they’d replace their genitals with McDonald’s Dollar Menu items to ensure the greater good. All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #29:  The Dick Hour!!! (Best of 2015)

December 27, 2015

With David so busy, Nik was interviewed on The Dick Hour by FM radio shock jock DJ Scrote Lick! Together they counted down the top 5 moments of 2015 on #2gaysnogirls. Which interview took the top spot? Listen during your drive time to The Dick Hour to find out!


Episode #28:  Don We Now Our Gay Apparel (with Ed Begley Jr, Thomas Lennon, Kevin Allison, Pam Murphy, Jeff Hiller, Todd Buonopane, Justin Cousson)

December 20, 2015

A super gay take on A Christmas Carol, loaded with more comedic talent and special guests than we ever thought possible.

KEVIN ALLISON as the Narrator
ED BEGLEY JR as The Warning Ghost
PAM MURPHY as The Ghoul Of Previous Winter Holidays
JEFF HILLER as The Angel of Meth
TODD BUONOPANE as the Pizzeria Employee
JUSTIN COUSSON as The Ghoul of Presently Happening Religious Winter Holidays
DAVID MONTGOMERY as David, the waiter, and the bartender

All music license-free except for The Wreckids “Like Us Before It’s Cool To,” used with special permission from the artist.


Episode #27: Aural Sex (with Ed Begley, Jr.)

November 29, 2015

Ed Begley, Jr. (Arrested Development, Portlandia, Best In Show) gives us the scoop on his upcoming work with Mitch Hurwitz and Christopher Guest!  David and Nik see how Aiello’s fares in the Pittsburgh Pizza Wars, and David grants Nik the interview of a lifetime!  Foley artist Butch Assidy (aka Adolf Von Titler) gives some insight and samples of his work providing overdubs for vintage German gay porn.  And our producer gets canned for sexual harassment.  All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #26: YAS! Trap Queens, SLAY! (with Thomas Lennon)

November 15, 2015

David interviews Thomas Lennon (The Odd Couple, Another Period, MTV’s The State, Reno 911) about being a gay icon and exactly how he feels about that evil Starbucks red cup.  Also, did Patti Lupone have another freakout, this time performing at The Rocky Horror Show?  Exclsuvie audio here!  Then David leaves Nik to interview Brotha Myke, a self-described “pretty cool youth minister,” to discuss Theology On Tap and a few other controversial programs in his ministry.  Who knows?  Maybe even Brotha Myke HAS A DEEP DARK SECRET OF HIS OWN?! All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #25: 2 Gays, No Pizza, On A Skype Call (with Todd Buonopane)

November 1, 2015

Todd Buonopane (30 Rock, Cake Off) talks to David about how to pronounce his name, working with Tina Fey, and why you should never say the word “aids” right before having sex.  We also hear of Todd’s hidden talent: impersonating Charlotte Rae’s Edna Garrett from The Facts of Life.  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #24: Mask4Masque Halloween Special!

October 19, 2015

David welcomes Nik Nemec over for some pizza and they are surprised by the possible ghost of Vincent Price, then what?! The show gets hijacked by Bane?!  It’s a hostage situation that even a call from Cher can’t fix!  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #23: Madonna DiGiorno II (with Jeff Hiller)

October 5, 2015

David interviews Jeff Hiller (30 Rock, Real Hotwives of Las Vegas) to see how he feels about Hitler’s bones, and at what age he realized he carried the dark secret of comedy.  Also, back because David felt like it!  We skip the delivery and eat a DiGiorno pizza, and just Like A Prayer, a Material Girl shows up to Open Her Heart to Nik.  Who’s That Girl?  You’ll have to listen to find out.  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #22: Beating Our Meat Lover’s Pizza (with Colleen Smith)

September 21, 2015

David talks to the divine Colleen Smith (Spontaneanation, No You Shut Up!, The Groundlings). Back in Pittsburgh after a long hot summer, but still couldn’t pass up the opportunity for another wonderful out-of-town guest!  They discuss why she’s so much better at improv than is at masturbating.  Colleen answers some Tough Calls and reveals why the Flash Gordon soundtrack is necessary.  Nik is back and upon sharing his tale of genital self-discovery, finds it not dissimilar to David’s.  All set to the food score of Napoli’s Pizza.  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #21: Who’s The Boss-A Nova (with Drew Droege)

September 7, 2015

Good evening, America!  He’s Chloe Sevigny!  That’s right, Drew Droege (Youtube’s Chloe Sevigny series, Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Groundlings) orders some pizza from Bossa Nova and invites us into his Los Angeles home!  We needed to talk about his new show You’re Welcome, how awful 80s cartoon fast food thieves were, and how Amy Poehler saved him from the grip of a brutal silly string attack.  Drew reveals that his fridge contains only almond milk, orange marmalade, and crumbs from a pot cookie…. and now some leftover pizza!  We think this is HARRIBLE!  All this and more, on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #20: PAMELAPIZZAPALOOZA! (with Pam Murphy)

August 23, 2015

David’s first stop in Los Angeles is Village Pizzeria in Hancock Park to sit down with the improv queen of all queens, Pam Murphy.  He has to be twice as gay, so it doesn’t seem like it’s 1 Gay, 1 Girl, At A Pizza Place.  Pam talks about how she came to be at UCB, then gets diarrhea just in time for Lawrenceville, New Jersey’s standup comedienne Nancy Cooper to sit down and talk some shit.  Before we know it, she’s out and we get a little visit from Bridget of Bridget’s Irish Gifts.  Our longest episode yet, it’s an hour and ten minutes of improv fun with our favorite girl.  We play Betrothe, Bed or Behead, and give Pam some of our famous TOUGH CALLS!  All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #19: Good Pizza, Bad Kid (with David Crabb)

August 10, 2015

We do some #badkidding in NYC with David Crabb (Bad Kid: A Memoir) at John’s On Bleecker.  He dishes on why Kelly Osbourne and most smaller pets love his book. (Willing to bet the Louie Anderson would love it too). Kim Kardashian and Sade battle it out for the prize of top storyteller!  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls!


Episode #18: Kevin Allison Pops Our Vegan Cherry (with Kevin Allison)

July 28, 2015

Kevin Allison (RISK!, The State) gets dominant David to submit to a vegan pizza and a raw one too!  Kevin dishes on what makes his show so special, shares his experience of going down on a transman (and why you should too!), and even brings out his favorite sex toy (which may or may not have been made in Pittsburgh).  All this and more on this week’s episode of #2GaysNoGirls!


Episode #17: Papa Cosby’s (with David Wain)

July 13, 2015

On this week’s show we play Tough Calls with comedy legend and star of Comedy Central’s #AnotherPeriod, David Wain (of The State, Wet Hot American Summer)!  We were so excited to talk to him that we almost forgot that THE #FURRIES HAVE TAKEN OVER PITTSBURGH!  We spill the beans about their fursuits.  And in an exclusive only 2 Gays could pull off, Bill Cosby’s secret Canadian wife stops by to tell us what a gentleman he is… As long as that testimony positively affects her income.  All this and more on this week’s #2GaysNoGirls

Episode #16: Tinder Garden

July 6, 2015

David visits the Hyatt House Hotel with Nik for some drinks & flatbread pizza, plus a few rounds of Tinderella, a brand new game!  You get to hear Dave’s first date with Mary Poppins, and with Hoda Kotb… While Nik strikes out with Shaggy from Scooby Doo, and Sally Field.  Oh the awkwardness of first dates.  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #15: Hot Dog Pizzas And Gay Marriage For Everyone!

June 29, 2015

HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!  THANK YOU AMERICA!  Yes, we are talking about Pizza Hut’s hot dog pizza!  Also, I guess gays can get married too.  Cher calls in to narrate some of her tweets and doesn’t seem to like Nik too much.  But first, we discuss the SCOTUS decision and TAMI stops by to drop an exclusive announcement for 2016!   All that and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #14: Daddies, Duck Ponds, And Dad-Bods!  A Father’s Day Spooktacular Sleepover!

June 21, 2015

Did Cher crash the show to explain the plot of her 70s feature film “Mask”? David and Nik have a sleepover to swap childhood stories about falling into water and their idiot dads keeping calm. Also Paul Lynde demands an explanation upon hearing the phrase “…In the theatre…” We enjoy a bomb pizza from Little Nippers 2! All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #13: Social Circle Jerks

June 15, 2015

DAVID AND NIK ARE DIVIDED regarding the importance of Nick Jonas’ butt hair.  They sit down at Social in Bakery Square to discuss penguins with chola eyebrows, the 1993 film Poetic Justice, and what makes Odie from Garfield such an eligible bachelor.


Episode #12: Call Me Mineo’s

June 6, 2015

David welcomes Nik Nemec back to the guest chair as the gays take an active role in the Pittsburgh Pizza Wars, eating take-out from Mineo’s.  They discuss Caitlyn Jenner, Hulk Hogan’s pressing question, and how great Estelle Getty would’ve been as Jack in Titanic.  Dave and Nik play a few rounds of Tough Questions… All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls


Episode #11: Cat Call

May 30, 2015

David sits down with Cat Conley (Steer Queer magazine) and chats about Chuck E. Cheese’s amazing happy hour, gay zines in the digital world, and we find out whether or not Cat can do the Jitterbug, during a game of What Am I, An Idiot?  All this and more on this week’s episode!


Episode #10: Bites and Bruises

May 25, 2015

David and this week’s guest Mike Studt make their own pizza at local Pittsburgh haunt Bites And Brews (hold the bat meat) and diplomatically discuss Iggy Azalea’s Pittsburgh’s Pride In The Streets booking.  The waitress disappears long enough to let them play a game of Betrothe, Bed, or Behead.  They swap coming out stories, talk about Mike’s love of wigs, and former Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel (LOOK HIM UP!).  All this and more on this week’s #2gaysnogirls !!


Episode #9: Pride (In the Name of Pizza)

May 18, 2015

David and his special guest Jason Shavers kick off Pride season by relaxing at 5801 with 5,801 drinks and a delicious pizza.  The gays talk about such hot-button issues as Sheila E and Hanson tattoos, and even play a few rounds of What Am I, An Idiot?!


Episode #8: Pino’s Envy

May 11, 2015

David and Nik head to Pino’s in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh to discuss white people (C’mon, whites!), mispronunciation, and of course, have a slam poetry contest.


Episode #7: Burning In Hell’s Kitchen (with Stacey Haid)

April 27, 2015

Emmy winner Stacey Haid joins David Montgomery and Nik Nemec on their first touring episode!  These queers took a bite out of the Big Apple at Two Boots in Hell’s Kitchen with some bodega-smuggled apple cider.  They talked about everything from their massive following in Switzerland to the current state of affairs in Alanis Morissette’s day to day life.  Also, find out which characters on The Facts of Life that they’d all betrothe, bed or behead!


Episode #6: ¡Shannon Norman Esta Muy Caliente!

April 20, 2015

David and Nik head to Caliente Pizza Kitchen to grab a Hawaiian pizza with local comedian Shannon Norman, and international jetsetter Lisa Spunitelli. The boys play a game called “What Am I, An Idiot?” and indulge in a little “Betrothe, Bed, or Behead?” that may have proven to be too much for sweet Lisa.


Episode #5: Two Tops At Rock Bottom

April 13, 2015

David and Nik head to Rock Bottom on the waterfront to talk Suzanne Somers, disagree over Ryan Murphy’s moves, and enjoy a BBQ brisket pizza. What’s not to love?


Episode #4: Probably Too Many Drinks At Cappy’s

April 6, 2015

David and Nik travel to Cappy’s Cafe to get liquored up before going to see Barry Manilow perform. They grab a buffalo chicken pizza and approximately 200 drinks each. They discuss some HotTopiks and put a few things on blast, including maybe each other?


Episode #3: Keepin’ It Rial(to’s)

March 30, 2015

The gays travel to Greenfield and meet a man who is more than what he seems. They enjoy a meat supreme pizza (And wings! What slobs!) at Rialto’s and talk to Barack O’Chang Martinez about Liza Minnelli’s unfortunate circumstances and how we as a society can support her.


Episode #2: Wiggin Aht At Mario’s

March 23, 2015

The gays travel to Mario’s in Shadyside, get tipsy, and get ambushed by a very big fan of Sally Wiggin. Tami turns out to be a great guest despite the odds. They talk pizza, Grindr, St Patrick’s Day, and working too hard (This one’s for you, Tami!).


Episode #1: Madonna DiGiorno

March 10, 2015

Episode 1 of “2 Gays, No Girls, At A Pizza Place,” with David Montgomery and Nik Nemec.  Also a material girl of sorts stops by as we devour a DiGiorno (not delivery) pizza.  Music by The Wreckids.