portlandDavid Montgomery is a beautiful, talented, and humble comedian based in Los Angeles by way of Pittsburgh.  Trained in comedy by both a terrible childhood and the Upright Citizens Brigade, David has traveled the world telling stories on some of the biggest stages, which he definitely does not deserve to be on.  He’s won multiple Moth storyslams and has performed for many curated national live shows.  He’s been telling the most toured story in the history of The Moth, telling in upwards of 30 markets in the US, Canada, UK and Europe!  He’s done many live stories for Risk! with Kevin AllisonTrue Story, and others.  David been featured on many radio shows and podcasts including The Moth Radio Hour, Risk!, and Hot Mic with Dan Savage. David is the host of the podcast 2 Gays, No Girls, At A Pizza Place, and the upcoming Two Story Building, all available on iTunes.  He is in the process of shopping his memoir Here’s The Story From A to Z to publishers.

Follow David:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/buymeahotdog

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/buymeahotdog

Instagram: @buymeahotdog

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